Metal Buildings

Commercial Warehouses

At D&M Metal works we are experts at building metal structures that are built to last.   We design the warehouses that perfectly fit your business needs.  Metal buildings are designed to be energy efficient and maintenance free saving you time and money.  Call or Click today to get a free estimate on a commercial warehouse for your business.

Custom Metal Building for Baker Triangle at Liberty Hill
Custom Metal Barndominium


Adding a Barndominium to your property is affordable,  low maintenance, and  energy efficient. Upgrade your property today by adding extra living space with a Barndominium.  D&M will design, build, and install exactly what you need.  From the ground up we’ve got you covered!  Call or Click today to get your free estimate on a Barndominium for your property.

Custom Metal Garage

Shops and Garages

D&M Metal Works can design and build a metal shop or garage for your home or business. Metal shops and garages provide a safe place to store your favorite vehicle, equipment or motor home.   Additionally, they create the perfect place to work on your hobby.  As a matter of fact, metal shops are the perfect solution for all your storage and work space needs.   The experts at D&M design and build a variety of shops and garages.  Call or click today to get your free estimate.

Pole Barns

Our expertise is building metal structures that are built to last.   For instance, one of the metal buildings we specialize in is a Pole Barn.  Pole Barns offer many advantages for agricultural needs.  In fact, they can be placed just about anywhere on your homestead without adding a foundation.  Adding a Pole Barn is a less expensive metal building option because they require less building materials.  Likewise, they require less installation time.  Give D&M a call today to get your free estimate on the Pole Barn that is just right for you!

Custom Metal Pole Barn